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At the test facility ZETA the measuremnts programme for the XMM project continued. Top priority was given to the measurements of the imaging characterstics of a quadrant of the qualification model of the pn-CCD camera in the range from 280 eV to 15 keV. To suppress visual light optical filters are required for the XMM and ABRIXAS projects. Several prototypes of flight filters have been manufactured and their spectral transmission and uniformity have been measured at 280 eV and 1500 eV. For an assessment of the stray light level within the ABRIXAS telescope the reflectivity of flat mirror samples and matt surfaces was determined as a function of incidence angle and various energies. Within the AXAF project the efficiency of transmission gratings was measured in the range of 180 eV to 5000 eV. The multi-target X-ray source developed in 1995 was used as light source; the spectral radiation brightness and the focus area properties were determined.

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