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Technology Transfer

Scientific curiosity has contributed to spin-off developments, driving the progress of the art:
  • The Carl Zeiss company has developed and manufactured ultra-smooth surfaces for our X-ray mirrors, and used these methods elsewhere already. For example, this technology has been introduced into modern fabrication of eyeglasses.

  • Free-standing micro structures were developed and built together with the company Dr. Johannes Heidenhain for our transmission grating spectrometer. They are technologically interesting, e.g. for linear measurement systems used by computer-controlled machine tools.

  • To produce our fast high-resolution CCD X-ray imaging converters, our own semiconductor laboratory has been established together with the Max-Planck-Institut für Physik. Future applications of these converters range from materials research to medical applications.

  • An attitude control for satellites developed by the DASA and the DLR/GSOC for ROSAT is already used as the standard system for more than 50 communication satellites.

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