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Future XMM projects: GUI, X-ray All Sky Survey, nearby galaxies, time variability.
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SSC Consortium Meeting No. 5, Garching, May 11-13, 1998: Conference photo

The XMM Survey Science Centre (SSC) is a consortium of eight European institutions, led by Leicester University (Survey Scientist: Dr. M. G. Watson). Within the XMM project, the SSC has responsibilities to

Within the consortium, MPE has responsibility to provide software

  • for the verification and validation of XMM PPS data
  • for the creation of calibrated eventsfiles.

In addition, the MPE group will support the SSC with its profound knowledge about and experience with ROSAT and XMM/EPIC hardware.

MPE's contribution to the SSC is conducted in close collaboration with the Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam, which will provide source detection software for the pipe-line processing.

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